Graham's Creations

The Reclaimed clock. 

I think this is my favourite clock to date (my most recent builds often are!).

It has a mesmerising upside down grasshopper escapement. The gear train in this piece is all made from an old oak table top and the frame from some old boards I discovered, which turned out to be rather nice under the surface!

The clock is rather quiet and the loudest sound is the pallets returning to their brass stops.

It runs for around 30 hours on a single wind.

$3200 (not including stand)

 -SOLD -

The 'Cross" clock has a larger clock spring and different gearing enabling it to run for longer. Made from walnut-veneered, birch ply for the gear train and using maple and stainless steel for the frame.

The "Wedge" clock.

Hand crafted with a Maple and Wenge hard wood frame and using a Birch ply gear train.

It is called a Wedge clock as wedged tenons are used in the frame construction. Weight driven and using a graham escapement.



Hand built wooden geared clocks​

This is what i really love to do! It gives me a great sense of achievement to turn bits of tree, often scraps of cuts and unwanted timber into these sculptures. To get them to move and keep moving in a predictable way is time consuming but great fun! 

Some of my clocks are carefully planned and drawn out to scale (like the Wedge clock). In contrast, some designs are more fluid like this Diamond clock. With the Diamond clock, I originally designed the gear train and had an idea for a frame. However, I ended up re-arranging all the gears and going in a different direction entirely for the frame! I am very happy with the result but I still have to build the original concept sometime!

My approach ensures all the clocks are unique, so you can rest assured that if you have a Graham's Creations clock, it will be one-of-a-kind.

If you have a space, design feature or a concept you would like incorporating in a clock, I am always happy to work with you to come up with a design that will fit you and your home.

The "Diamond" clock.

Made with a frame of Wedge, a gear train of solid Maple, this clock with its grasshopper escapement is nearly silent.

This was an interesting build as it has no real frame. Rather all the arbours are mounted to the wall plate and the hour train is on a floating frame. Also the pendulum has a curve to allow it to go around the movement and sits in front of the weights.

The Mantle Clock, spring powered.

I am quite pleased with my first attempt at a spring powered clock. It has a pleasant, rather fast tick if compared to the wall clocks becaue of its shorter pendulum. It sounds very eager and just wants to run! The Clock takes about 10 turns on the spring to fully wind and will run for 12 hours.

I am looking into some slightly bigger and more powerful springs for another clock to see if a 24 hour wind can be achieved.



Oval Tall Clock

This flowing clock is all hand built using solid oak wheels and a rimu frame. It is weight driven and runs for about 2 days between winds. It uses a Graham escapement so retains a lovely tick and it has a second hand under the hour train.

The "Oval" clock.

The name is self explanatory and is the first half of a bigger project I have in mind!

Made from Rimu and a Birch ply gear train.

NZ$2,500 - SOLD

Unique and intricate creations in wood